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They just mentioned 4chan in their cyber-bullying special!!!!

I saw an opera today.

2010-10-08 20:01:20 by zen64

What did you do today, you philistines?

I'm gonna piss on it.


2010-10-06 20:59:37 by zen64

Is this news or NEWS? You decide.

I just listened to the new Gorillaz single. (It's not Rhinestone Eyes)

2010-10-05 19:08:58 by zen64

It's REALLY pop-ish. Like almost diabetes-inducing type of pop. Aside from the instrumental, this hardly sounds like a Gorillaz song. Yet I can't stop listening to it, it's pretty catchy! I'm beginning to think that this song is supposed to be a jab at pop songs, hence the "all played out" title. You know, like a WAY light-hearted version of "Rock It."

Anyway, enough of my blabbering. What do you guys think?

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2010-10-01 23:23:45 by zen64

Ugggggghhhh, I am so fucking bored and I just don't have the energy to go on another faux-hatred tirade.

So, post a comment and I will tell you how you will die. Or don't, whatever.

Samuel L. Jackson is dead..

2010-10-01 17:44:01 by zen64

Words cannot express my immense sadness. R.I.P Sam.

Oh, and before anyone starts asking for a source, here's a video I recorded of the news story concerning his death.

I hate you.

2010-09-29 18:38:45 by zen64

I hate everything about you.. I hate your face, I hate your mannerisms, I hate your voice, I hate your hair, hell, I hate you so much that I don't think you're worth it for me to list every thing that I hate about you. You are a waste of space and I hope you die in the most painful way possible and that I will be there to laugh. When they bury you, I will dance on your grave and piss on it. I will then dig you up, remove your skull and use it as my personal astray. I will then feed the rest of your bones to rabid dogs, all while your mother watches. I will then let the dogs devour her flesh and I will use her spinal fluid as lubricant as I rape every single person in your family.

In short, eat shit and die. >:(

I would like to thank you useless motherfuckers on actually giving this shit 10 comments. If it weren't for your collective lack of lives, society would actually be much, MUCH better! Fuck all of you (except Magnet-Boy and SirCannabisClock cause they cool).

The youtube videos I put up are running into each other. Like Chopin is bitchslapping Del while Immortal Technique is rapping about how he raped Damien's mother.

Fuck the whole "Bob-omb wearing Reeboks," listen to this.

2010-09-25 19:01:59 by zen64

This rap is art. Also, press the back button if you got family around. It gets quite brutal.

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