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Why don't you call me anymore?

2010-09-24 12:02:28 by zen64

I raised you since you were born and this is how you repay me? You ingrate! You're dead to me! You hear me?! DEAD!

Do you remember playing Pokemon and coming across this little fucker?

2010-09-23 16:52:59 by zen64

I do. It scared me pretty good as a kid. It sort of bugged me that they changed it to some purple smoke thing in the remakes. Nightmares build character damn it!

Do you remember playing Pokemon and coming across this little fucker? will also haunt anyone who visits this page. It's right behind you, glaring at you with its glowing, pupil-less eyes. Have fun!

/* */

...Crush your corporations with a mild touch. Trash your whole computer system and revert you to papyrus.

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2010-09-17 14:13:40 by zen64

If you disagree then it's on, motherfucker! IT IS ON!

EDIT: Just got banned because a mod was too trigger happy with the "destroy button." Come the fuck on, man

And now, an impromptu poem.

2010-09-15 18:13:48 by zen64

Just finshed doing academic chores
"Please stand clear of the closing doors."
Sitting on a crowded train car with a crying child
The parent's response is far too mild
"Hey dude, you heard about so and so?"
"LOL yeah that bitch is a ho!"
Says the same annoying group of high school kids
Chattering and chattering while the train car skids
Burnside Ave, practically half way there
Then a stagnant odor suddenly fills the air
Here comes the junkie beggar into the car
Eyes that look like he's had one hit too far
"Please give me money to help my son."
The way that he looks I hope he doesn't have one
He then gives up realizing he's out of luck
"Fuck y'all motherfuckers! I don't give a fuck!"
He then storms out the car with his fucked up teeth
While everyone breathes a sigh of relief

Sitting down finally at peace
Hoping my commute would be slick as grease
Next stop's coming up and I look outside
Trees and buildings quickly passing by
I get up to get ready to depart
People also leaving begin to walk apart
The train stops and what do I see?
A whole bunch of tourists with Yankees T's
I then realized to my utter disdain
That today there was a Yankees game
A sea of people walking about
And here I am, feeling like a trout.
I shoved through all of them quite a bit
There's the bus with a huge crowd lining up to sit


Beep beep beep beep

2010-09-14 20:12:59 by zen64

Is the sound my computer makes
As I sit down and eat various snack cakes
Time wasting is a pastime of mine
On the comp from moonlight to sunshine
I am the procrastination master
Not completing stuff while time moves faster
Faster faster faster it goes
As fast as these nails grow on my toes
Everyday begets constant regrets
I'm standing still while others soar like jets
As I go to sleep I let out a sigh
No matter how hard I try time flies by
Time flies by

I is banned :(

2010-09-13 17:53:51 by zen64

Just got a 3 day ban for saying "Who the fuck cares?" in some kid's thread about pokemon fanfiction. I'm not pissed or anything. Just purdy surprised.

And now, here's some sad classical music.

/* */

Why so much Amerikka hate?

2010-09-12 12:56:03 by zen64

From what I've seen a good deal of users are hating on Americans. Why? Because of the government? Shit, I LIVE in America and I dislike our politicians. Or is it because of the stereotype that all Americans are fat rednecks with a superiority complex. Well, I got news for you, bros. I'm an American who is the complete opposite of said stereotype. Hell, I wish I had more meat on my bones! I's a skinny motherfucka! And you all think that you've been screwed over by the U.S. government, I'm a poor dude living in America. This country seems hellbent on screwing people like me over.

So, you want to hate on the U.S. government, that's cool. But to refer to all Americans as obese, uneducated swine is a bit much.

And now, a serious message concerning 9/11...

2010-09-11 14:05:44 by zen64

I know that it is very easy to belittle and mock this day, what with internet anonymity. Hell, my two previous news posts were a bunch of fake out jokes. But what happened on 9/11 is no laughing matter. You've all heard the whole "brave men and women died on that day, families lost their loved ones" stuff and as true as that is, I think that it is quite overused so let me share my story of where I was on that day.

Myself, along with about 23 other students, were sitting in our science classroom. You know the deal, genus, species, blah blah blah. When my science teacher is called out of the room. Granted, this happens fairly often so we weren't too suspicious. She then comes back to say, "Chaos is happening downtown." At that moment, my entire class shared a feeling of great confusion. She then went on to tell us about how a plane struck one of the twin towers. At this time, we didn't know anything about the radical terrorist agenda.

After hearing my science teacher desperately trying to explain what occurred, we were all sent to homeroom to listen to the radio. And there it was, "a plane has hit the tower." At that moment, my English teacher said, "Listen well because now, you are all a part of history.'

Even when we heard the news on the radio, there was such a sense of disbelief. As if this just isn't real, it couldn't be. We were sent back to the science room and everyone was silent, dead silent. One by one, our parents came to pick us up. When my mother arrived, we discussed what just happened, as to what exactly we discussed, I'm afraid that part is a blur to me.

We step outside of the school to find everything in disarray. Mind you, not the "burning buildings and riots" type of disarray, but rather a kind of silent chaos. You see, on that day, there was no public transportation, so barring calling a cab, getting a ride home was an absolute bitch. So I see all of these people scurrying around trying to find a cab, those who are not moving are sitting on street curbs, looking completely crestfallen.

A walk across a bridge later, we finally find a cab. We hop in and my mother is talking with the cab driver and being the religious lady that she is, believes this to be a sign of the end of days. Honestly, I think that thought crossed every New Yorkers' mind for at least a second. While she's talking with the cabbie, I just stare out of the window. Instead of just seeing people walking about, I see people crying, people hunched over park benches sobbing, people who have never been more lost in their lives.

I learned on that day or perhaps even that moment, how fragile all of this can be. How the destruction of two towers can just tear this city apart and how it could rend the hearts of all those who were affected.

The taxi pulls in front of my apartment building and everyone is just beside themselves. The rowdy loudness of my neighborhood was reduced to a thoughtful murmur. It was as if my entire neighborhood was holding a funeral service and all of its attendants have just arrived. I step in the elevator, still in complete disbelief. I mean I was 11, politics and homeland security and the like were foreign subjects to me.

My mother opens our apartment door and we both hurry to see the news and there it was. The video that has been played constantly after that day. You know the one, the video of one of the planes hitting the tower and the inevitable collapse of said tower. I saw people jumping out of windows and people running from the ash and failing to do so. And this was on every single channel. Then there's news that a plane crashed in the Pentagon, it was at that point where it truly hit me:

That there was no such thing as absolute safety and that anything at any time could be destroyed and at that age I was completely disillusioned. However, I cannot say that I was depressed seeing as how I lost no one in the attack. But I couldn't help but feel for those who have. One of my classmates lost her father in the attack, took her weeks to become even so much as functional.

Nine years later, I look back at this and quite honestly, I'm apathetic in terms of memorials and whatnot. Yet again, I didn't lose anyone that day. However, many people here have and it still pains them to this day. And it doesn't help that every politician uses 9/11 as a talking point.

There are many of you out there who were either too young to remember this event or were born outside of the country and don't see what the big deal is. "It's been 9 years, get over it." "People die all of the time." But what you have to realize is that it wasn't just about the victims who died or the heroes who died rescuing people. On that day, New York City was no longer split into 5 parts, it was just one big community. People rushed within a moment's notice to help out, whether they come from Upstate or within the city. And they did so without even thinking about their own lives and many of them died in this selfless act of courage.

And for once in perhaps the entirety of NYC's history, strangers actually cared for each other. No longer were people just obstacles toward one destination, they were, well, people. People with hopes and dreams and at that time a whole mess of problems. In short, NYC broke it's cold demeanor and was filled with support and caring and hope.

I'm fully aware that no way may read this, either because they don't bother checking out my news page or they simply do not have the patience/time/attention span to read all of this. For those few to none souls who read this, I hope it gave more insight on how it was to be a New Yorker on that day. Or you can just say, "LOL TL;DR." Or some other edgy internet tough guy bullshit.

Either way, I've said my peace. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drink some iced tea.