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I hate you.

2010-09-29 18:38:45 by zen64

I hate everything about you.. I hate your face, I hate your mannerisms, I hate your voice, I hate your hair, hell, I hate you so much that I don't think you're worth it for me to list every thing that I hate about you. You are a waste of space and I hope you die in the most painful way possible and that I will be there to laugh. When they bury you, I will dance on your grave and piss on it. I will then dig you up, remove your skull and use it as my personal astray. I will then feed the rest of your bones to rabid dogs, all while your mother watches. I will then let the dogs devour her flesh and I will use her spinal fluid as lubricant as I rape every single person in your family.

In short, eat shit and die. >:(

I would like to thank you useless motherfuckers on actually giving this shit 10 comments. If it weren't for your collective lack of lives, society would actually be much, MUCH better! Fuck all of you (except Magnet-Boy and SirCannabisClock cause they cool).


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2010-09-29 18:44:59

you suck at planning ahead, you cannot rape every single person in my family if me and my mother are dead.

back to the drawing board eh?

(Updated ) zen64 responds:

My hate transcends space and time, I could fuck every person in your family at every given time. Hell, I'm doing it right now!

Fuck off and have a shitty day!

Oh, and I could still rape yo' momma's corpse. DUH!


2010-09-29 19:18:28

i hate u too bitch. love, subject1337 xoxoxox

(Updated ) zen64 responds:

I hate you in ways that you cannot even imagine. As I type, I am imagining strangling the very life out of you and as you breathe your final breath, I will spit a loogie in yo' mouth.

Fuck you and die in a fire. Also, hey check out my complete fag impression:

"i hate u too bitch. love, zen64 xoxoxox"

Pretty good, huh?

Fuck off and have a terrible day, motherfucker.


2010-09-29 19:42:29

Hate, like all things, is utterly insignificant compared to the inevitability of entropy.

(Updated ) zen64 responds:

OH! OH! LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE! Motherfucking Jeremy Bentham has come to my shitty user page to share his shitty philosophies! Fuck you! I bet you use statements like these to appear knowledgeable, you fucking wiseass!

My hate for you and everyone exceeds the notions of such psychological concepts!

Insignificant? You think hate is insignificant? How about you take you PHIL 101 textbook and shove it up your ass and do it while it's open that way the corners can cut your rectum!

Hate is life. Hate is what gets miserable motherfuckers going! Why do work in this shitty society? Hate. Why did you just post that wiseass comment? Hate. Why is the moon in the fucking sky?! You guessed it, Einstein! HATE! Right now I'm generating enough hate to keep that shitty lump of rock floating in its stupid gravitational orbit!

Fuck you, fuck the fancy "learning" you received and fuck your sense of superiority.

Seeing as how this comment is longer than the other ones, allow me to give some equality in my hatred and say that all of the people who posted suck equal amounts of dick.

Fuck off and have a shit day! You wiseass motherfucker!


2010-09-30 18:09:52

I hate your.... your... idk

zen64 responds:

Oh Magnet-Boy, I couldn't hate you even if I tried. <3


2010-09-30 23:53:52

Entropy=physics, not philosophy.

No reaction can be more than 100% efficient, and even "perfect" reactions (antimatter-matter annihilation) lose usable energy being carried away by neutrinos, meaning that even that process loses work-capable energy. Every time anything happens, ever, a bit of the universe's power sources is being lost forever. And when that process completes, the universe will be desolate and empty. Even time will be irrelevant.

Entropy is far more potent than hate. The energy needed to feel hate will be lost long, long before the universe reaches maximum entropy.

zen64 responds:

OH MY GOD! I'm having a gathering of the fucking intellectuals in my user page! First Jeremy Bentham and now Bill Nye the Science Guy! Well, consider the following: I don't give a shit. I couldn't care less about entropy and other types of physics bullshit because there is only one absolute in this universe, and that is hate!

Beep boop beep, "entropy is greater than hate." "neutrinos and other boring shit, oh and I'm a complete fag!" How about you realize that hate=emotion, not physics! There's always motherfuckers like you who always try to put everything into a goddamned equation! Hate cannot be calculated, especially my hate!

You sit there all smug in your fancy AP classes while you look down on those who actually chose to have some fucking fun. "I'm going to go ahead and be a smartass on some dude's user page." GET A FUCKING LIFE!

Fuck you, get out of my shitty user page and take your snarky oneupsmanship with you! Eat shit and eventually die as the universe slowly loses its power.

Have a shit day.


2010-10-01 00:35:33

You seem like a very pleasant person. I like you. Do you like me?

(Updated ) zen64 responds:

Why yes, I do like you. I like you so much that it reaches back into the putrid realm that is hate! Look at you, waltzing into mai page all friendly-like. Who the fuck do you think you are?! You think I need your fucking pity! DO YOU?!?! Well, fuck you. Fuck your pity, fuck your fondness of me and fuck the computer that you used to post this message.

Fuck off and have a shitty day! >:(

Also, Cannabis is fucking overrated. I bet you you're one of those fags that are all like "420 lolololol!" Fuck you. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-10-01 00:39:54


zen64 responds:


Fuck you and people like you who depend on tired references to make pathetic attempts at humor. It's people like you who shit out memes that are so unfunny that it instantly destroys the brain cells of all who see it. But hey, who cares? You do it for the fucking lulz! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOOLO LOLOLOFUCKINGL!

I hope that you die in the worst way possible. I hope that you drown in a pit of piss and shit while you are simultaneously raped by wild horses!

Enjoy your death by sodomy, you fucking dipshit!

OH! And in case I forget, your username sucks ass!

Fuck off and have the worst day possible!


2010-10-01 00:41:53

I really think that's all that needs to be said. However, this thread did make my evening in a sort of bizarro-reverse kind of way.

zen64 responds:


I don't fucking care about your threads! Now get the fuck out of here before I slap the shit out of you!


2010-10-01 00:52:19

Oh my, you are...quite imaginative in your hatred.

That aside, it's totally working, and I salute you, and you-totally-don't-fucking-need-my-fuc king-approval-to-act-like-an-asshole-
int-a-pit-of-molding-tar :D

(Updated ) zen64 responds:

LOL! Attention whore?! This all started out as a joke, you fucking ignoramus! It's just that NGers have a fucking hard-on for all things negative. So, it is you! You are the whores! Also, you call that a rage post! My mentally-challenged cousin can type with more rage than that! Molding tar?!?! That is SO fucking lame. Get that shit outta here.

With all of the hate that I can muster, I curse you! Now get the fuck out already! Get a life.


2010-10-01 01:15:29

Fucking ignoramus? You just had to go there. Don't you go making fun of my heritage. We of the Ignoramus clan are a proud breed. Granted many of us have met rather....untimely deaths at the hands of thieves, enemy soldiers, very small dogs, or complicated instruction manuals, but that is no reason for you to be so insensitive! >:(

zen64 responds:

I TOLD YOU TO STOP POSTING ON MAI FUCKING PAGE! I don't need your filthy ignoramus blood tainting my pure hate blood! Now go over-analyze a children's show or something. Seeing as how you cannot comprehend mere words. here's a song!







Get the fuck out.


2010-10-01 11:42:39

u wanna fuckn fight gamertag is xQuiiKsKopzZzx rust 1v1 u an me fuckn pusse bithc

(Updated ) zen64 responds:





You got me. You fucking got me. I thought you were just some little 12 year old fag but you aren't. So, kudos to you sir. Kudos. With that said:


"Oh, look at me! I'm going to pretend to be some idiot pre-pubescent prick!" Christ, get a fucking life if all you do is try to troll people using such a tired cliche!

Motherfucker, you are NINETEEN YEARS OLD!! You are too old to be doing such dull shit like that! Be more creative, goddamn it! I'll admit that you got me but damn it's just so easy that I can't truly respect your trolling skills.

You know what. Whatever, man. I'm more disappointed than I am angry. I guess this how your dad feels like every time he sees your sorry ass.